Sarah Louden

Founder and Executive Director of Total Health

Sarah Louden, MHA, MBA is the Founder and Executive Director of Total Health, the largest provider of free oncology medical education in the United States dedicated to improving clinical practice and treatment outcomes for people living with and after cancer.

A first-generation American of immigrant parents from England and Trinidad, both in the healthcare field, Sarah grew up believing that, with hard work and perseverance, no dream was beyond reach.

From early work in cancer research, to building a cancer center in the Caribbean, and to now being the only female owner and director of an oncology medical and patient education company, Sarah actively pursues her mission to reach people at their most vulnerable points and empower them with information and access to both hope and health.

At the age of 45, Sarah has established herself as a global force for good in the cancer care space. Her company partners with some of the most respected cancer providers and with many of the most renowned education and advocacy organizations in the world. Sarah and Total Health are also on a mission to improve healthcare equity in cancer care, to enhance access to quality cancer care, and to reduce disparities in healthcare delivery for all patients, including people of color and those who are underserved.

Sarah currently lives in Florida with her husband and two sons. In addition to serving the oncology community through Total Health’s medical and patient education programs, Sarah is focused on continued learning about holistic management of autoimmune diseases, a passion fueled by her own diagnosis in 2019. Outside of her efforts within the medical community, Sarah can be found working on her Bible study, spending time with her family and traveling with her husband.

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