Heather Carr

Influencer | Founder DC4KIDS Foundation

Heather Carr was born and raised in Fresno, California and attended Fresno State University. At Fresno State, Heather studied early childhood education and received her bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies. During her time at Fresno State, Heather also met her husband, Derek Carr.
In 2012  Derek and Heather were married and the following year in 2013, their first son Dallas was born. Dallas was born with intestinal malrotation, a potentially life-threatening congenital anomaly that can cut off blood supply to the intestinal tract. Dallas underwent two more surgeries and spent 23 days in Valley Children’s Hospital in Fresno, California. Thankfully, the Lord healed Dallas while getting care. Following their time as a family at Valley Children’s, both Derek and Heather have become intimately involved in Valley Children’s and have established the DC4KIDS Fund to support children in the Central Valley. Heather and Derek have also provided a scholarship to help other students attend Fresno State University. The two of them have created a great business team and are involved in many areas of business.
As the wife of an NFL player for the New Orleans Saints, Heather works closely with the Saints’ significant others, hosting different events to encourage connection.  She is heavily involved in her children’s education and serves on the PTO at their school as well as room mom.
On Sunday’s, Heather attends Church LV and is heavily invested in helping with her husband’s ministry, The Tribe of Judah. During the off season, both Heather and Derek are busy attending and speaking at church services across the region to spread the gospel of Christ and promote love and faith.
As a mother of four – Dallas, Deker, Deakon, and Brooklyn – Heather is eager to bring balance to her life as a mother and wife, as well as a steward of the community.

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